凡得他尼,凡得他尼[研发用]粉末Vandetanib(Zactima 10mg bag)




所属类别: 10mg

包装规格: 10mg




原产地英文商品名:Zactima 10mg(Powder for research use, not for treatment use)


中文参考商品译名:Zactima 10毫克(供研究使用粉末,不用于疾病治疗)








剂型:300 mg/day







(Orphan drug)。Vandetanib (vandetanib) is a synthetic aniline quinazoline compound, known as "second generation easy to Ruisha", for the oral small molecule multi-target nitric acid kinase inhibitor (TKI), can simultaneously act on tumor cell EGFR , VEGFR and RET tyrosine kinases, and optionally to inhibit other tyrosine kinases, as well as serine / threonine kinases.Phase I clinical studies have shown that dose-limiting toxicity is diarrhea, hypertension and rash. Common side effects are diarrhea, rash, nausea, vomiting, and asymptomatic QT prolongation. The toxic and side effects were dose-related. At <300 mg / d, the patient was well tolerated and the maximum tolerated dose (MTD) was 300 mg. Phase II clinical studies involving many diseases.At present, our country is conducting clinical trials of vancomycin in the treatment of NSCLC.1. Treatment of advanced NSCLC (non-small cell lung cancer) 003 study compared the efficacy of vancomycin 300 mg / d and gefitinib 250 mg / d on first-line or second-line chemotherapy failure in 168 patients with advanced NSCLC efficacy, Fentanib compared with vancomacil significantly increased the efficiency and prolonged progression of disease without progression, respectively, 8% and 1%, 11.9 weeks and 8.1 weeks, respectively (P = 0.011). In clinical trials if the patient progress or can not tolerate toxicity, allowing it to change the treatment program. The test results showed that the control rate of patients treated with gefitinib instead of vandetan was 14%, while the control rate of patients treated with vancomycin instead of gefitinib reached 32%, and the median overall survival was expected to be Vanderbiltan → gefitinib for 6.1 months, and by gefitinib → van dertney for 7.4 months. (200mg / m2) + carboplatin (AUC = 6) in the first-line treatment of stage ⅢB-IV NSCLC. The aim of this study was to eva luate the efficacy of vancomycin combined with paclitaxel (200mg / m2) + carboplatin (AUC = 6) in the treatment of stage ⅢB-IV NSCLC. Preliminary trial results show that vancomacil can also be combined with traditional chemotherapy for the treatment of NSCLC, with no significant increase in 3 to 4 degrees of adverse reactions.2. Treatment of advanced breast cancer in 46 cases, previously received paclitaxel + anthracycline chemotherapy failure in patients with metastatic breast cancer, to accept vancomacaine (100 mg or 300mg), 44 patients can be eva luated no objective effect, 2 groups Patients with 1 case of stable disease (SD) ≥ 24 weeks, the authors believe that single-drug vancome treatment of relapse-resistant breast cancer is limited, but well tolerated.3. Treatment of advanced multiple myeloma, 18 cases of chemotherapy or hematopoietic stem cell transplantation failure in patients with multiple myeloma, oral vancomacil (100mg) 3 ~ 29.4 weeks, globulin or urine M protein no improvement, side effects Tolerable, common side effects include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, skin itching, sensory disturbances, but no clear QT interval changes.4. Treatment of thyroid cancer thyroid myeloid carcinoma incidence is low, with hereditary, regardless of radiation therapy, combined with chemotherapy or endocrine treatment is poor, poor prognosis. 0008 study is an ongoing, open phase II study to assess the efficacy and side effects of vandetanil in the treatment of progressive hereditary thyroid medullary carcinoma. Among the 11 eva luable patients (who received either vancomycin 300 mg / d, at least 3 months), 2 patients received PR, and 9 patients received SD.In addition, the plasma tumor markers of calcitonin and carcinoembryonic antigens were reduced by 72% and 25%, respectively, compared with baseline values. At present, it is believed that vancomycin treatment of thyroid medullary carcinoma mainly in the tumor cell target RET tyrosine kinase, RET can promote tumor cell growth and survival, 40% of the sporadic and 100% hereditary thyroid myeloid carcinoma RET overexpression of the gene


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